Monday, August 3, 2009

dear diary III.

january 12, 2006
dear diary,

thursday was a trip. transportation by shuttle to be lifted up for once! me! helping hands! lifted! and helped! helped to find my humility.

do you see the happiness in my penmanship? do you feel the moisture in the paper? i'm sweating my excitement diary! i'm absolutley vulnerable! the act of helping is a life of an admirable specimen, correct? but oh my suffice it to say that i'll take the title of coward, lowly, ungrateful, and selfish pair! i'll take it! with a slice of pie and a swift smash to the knuckles.

for once i was lifted diary! taken by this... this shuttle of sorts. this dreary, bleak, and emotionless mute of a shuttle. it just appeared in the night as i was on my way to grab a fallen cane, and simply swept me off of my fingertips. i was flying diary! i was flying.

i know the warmth of help. i feel needed and appreciated.
i am helping hands. i am proud.

an unknown anonymous in pleads of humility

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