Thursday, March 26, 2009


Eaguru Guru

p.s. The Dept. of Eagles video was debuted at MOMA. Pretty dope.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

lifts & oatmeal.

Do gloom days provoke instant aspiration for you too?

K so today was the first day of this pact I made for me-self:


That may be a bit of a hyperbole, however! here's to sticking with it. See, that's what happens when you get in style ruts, you even freak yourself out. EXPERIMENTATION dudes and dudettes, try it out for size, take a walk in it's shoes. E-Ex is your b-boy. Let 'em know you care.

I think men's wear is starting to mesh with women's wear which is exciting and completely inspiring for both genres, but I think us girl's should still have our signature pieces that set us a part. Afterall, if we're being completely honest we do set the trend. I'm not contradicting myself when I say that either. I still think the future and this "post modern" style planet we've created is at it's utmost creativity, but I also know a thing or two.

Lasses set the trend*. So onward and upward with our (my) heel endeavors. At the moment that is the only thing we can hold sacred to set us apart.

At the moment.


*There are some exceptions, obviously. Do your research and get back to me.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I've been neglecting the whole male genre of style haven't I?


It's just harder to beat "typical" when you're a dude. Beat me up for saying that all you want, but it's true! Less is so much more when it comes to gents, and that can be hard to do when you're trying to rip through the seams of expected.

Fear not! There are simple solutions. Color is the hardest part. If you use too much you risk looking too young, or in other's cases you just end up looking a bit unfortunate.
pictures courtesy of

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of all these neon, new-wave 80's crap. Can we be over the 80's already? I think it's safe to say the 80's were the decade of complete hoonanny innovation. People just didn't give a rat's, but it's time to innovate toward a more dapper time while keeping the free spirit the 80's taught us.

High h2o's! Simple shoes as staples! Vague pops of color!

Now I realize some of these are maybe a bit too conservative for some of you, but how about nixing the slacks for some dark levis and cuffing (pegging!) the ends. Show a little ankle. Kick off the loafers and match it with some old school classic cheng plimsoll's, or my personal favorite, lace up vans (yum!). Unbutton a few of those shirt button maybe. Gimme a little chest. Wink.

Mixing textures and patterns CORRECTLY is a style accomplishment. Not everyone can do it. It's something you actually do have to "be able to pull off". It's all in how you rock it.

So as an end to this thing, all in all I think it's most rewarding to see complete selfless style from anyone, but above all in males. It really is just an attractive treat to witness. So keep that in mind. I just like to give tips.


Monday, March 16, 2009

gasp! a real style blog with pictures.

Okay, I think I'm back on the regular now. But this time don't quote me on it.


I see a lot of height in this Spring's forecast. A lot of texture and a lot of five foot two's suddenly five foot six's. Catch my drift.

courtesy of

Oversized blazers, high h2o's, and lifts (heels) done perfectly.
These babies are currently on my radar:

Not exactly an "every day heel" per say, but I can make do. So onward and upward, in it's literal sense dudettes! Floral jumpers and these lace up babies all Spring round. I feel like I got lost this fall with all of the repeats from last year (i.e. oversized cardigans, flannels, huge scarves, tights, etc.). Now I'm not knocking any of the repeated pieces, but I'm ready to trickle on up that scale.

I'm no adapter dude.
And in conclusion, here's some inspiration:

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p.s. Remember these:

Well, a cute boy got me a pair of vintage ones in red. Yep. Now I have the perfect Spring boot to wear with my tu-tu dress!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

doot doot.

Two very exciting things:

One) Today (March 4th) is the start of Alexander McQueen's designer collabo with Target. I'm excited, but this new collaboration jams makes me a little nervous. The idea of affordable high-fashion going to the masses is innovative yes, but takes some of the fun away too.

I'll still be there.

GET ON IT. Lucky for us 'burb nerds, it'll be on the racks for quite sometime. You gotta dig deep to find the perks out here.

Two) topshop's delay for America is this close to being finished!

Starting Spring off right dog.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Ummmmmm, yea.