Tuesday, June 17, 2008

film buzzzz.

woody allen, what a character. he's so cute in that adorable old jewish guy way, and i'm a sucker for those outlandish glasses. you always here of actresses being smitten by him and you have to wonder why. he's not exactly the picture image of sex appeal, nor does he even seem charming. i think it's that new york, jewish wit and those damn stark raving glasses. nonetheless he's one of the world's most favorite directors, and i second that.

anyway, 'annie hall' is amongst his best films and probably most successful taking home atleast 4 oscars, (if i remember right) and one being best picture. the movie is definitely on my favorite's list. not only because it's whimsical and just full of smiles, but mainly because of ANNIE HALL*! her style is just phenomenal throughout the entire film and she paved the way for the masculine goes feminine look for the 70's. it should go without saying that the 70's are my favorite era in fashion regardless, but the 'annie hall' film just captivated so many things that i love: cinema, style, sentiment, subtlety that is actually inadvertently abrupt...
if you haven't seen it yet, you most definitely should.
(*editors note: diane keaton plays annie, and was actually woody's muse and wife at the time. diane keaton is still a huge fashion icon now mainly based on her complete originality, and ofcourse--masculinity. ironic, because her given name is diane hall.)

on another great note, those of you who are fans of the winsome short films of 'paris, je'taime' are in great non-pagan luck !!! they're creating an american version entitled 'new york, i love you'! amongst the many directors, are scarlett johansson and natalie portman, and as if you're not already giddy and squirmy guess whose on the list for actors on this one:
-shia labeouf ('nuff said)
-natalie portman (again)
-christina ricci
-rachel bilson
-anton yelchin
-ethan hawke
-olivia thirlby
those are just the actors i anticipate but the whole crew is listed here.

i just might pull an annie and wear a tie and my favorite pair of dockers.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

we don't dive, we cannon-ball.

yay ! the athens popfest is right around the corner. i hate that i wasn't aware of the impact that athens had on music when i was younger. according to athenians the music scene there is like a ghost town. i don't necessarily have an opinion on the situation, but i do love athens and i'm just so psyched for the popfest.

ATL's beloved coathangers will be shakin' their bangs at the popfest. cryptacize and their deerhoof roots will be jammin' at the popfest (enough reason to go). the selmanaires will party like it's 1999...on selman street at the popfest. dainty-little-cupcake named bands are even going to play like, 'laminated cat' and 'umbrella tree' (both of which i haven't ever heard of).
so go. the entire lineup is here.

on another atlanta note (drum roll please)........
H&M is finally opening in atlantic station !!! the co-ed (along with kids' clothing) version of the store is finally opening it's doors to it's anticipating atl-iens at 12pm noon, on friday the 13th of this blisteringly hot month. the trig store is giving away up to $500 in gift cards to the first 300 customers. i'll be camping out with a crunk, my two-step, and chumz.

p.s. i realize i'm a little late, but pitchfork announced that deerhoof will be electrifying us with a new album entitled 'offend maggie'. hollllaaaaaa

Monday, June 9, 2008

mark hunter.

i remember when i was 15 and discovered the ramones (from the whole vintage printed tee phase. i know, i know it's sad, but i grew up on earth wind & fire so give me a break), and aside from the impact the punk scene had on me, their style had even more. they just oozed cool points all the time and it seemed so uncompelled. they made me fall in love with fashion all over again, but in a different way. i mean, fashion is really bull-ish. let's be honest, it's generally misconceived as notoriety instead of art (which it most certainly is). it's all in how you work it, and that requires personal style. and dear god, if the ramones aren't the picture perfect cliche image of that, shia isn't the single hottest thing that happened to my computer desktop.

so with all that said, fast-forward like 2 years and we've got the haven of all inspiring trendsetter havens--the cobrasnake. good grief, right? if you're anything like me, you hate every item of clothing you own even if you just bought it yesterday. i'm always trying to make even my new things newer by accessorizing, layering, cutting, or what have you to exude something else that the item is not. the cobrasnake has made this so easy for me! why, you say? cobrasnake is but only a photography site of exuberantly dressed hipster kids? h yes it is, and who doesn't want to be as cool as the tricks and dicks he opts. mr. hunter takes pictures of the most influential innovators of our day-- people who know what's up. they continually make pieces their own without fail, and isn't that really what fashion is about? creating something that's your own? mark (the cobrasnake) has created an empire of coolness, by doing what pretty much anyone with a digital camera could do, and i thank him. goodbye to "wtf am i going to wear today?", and hello you name-less kids who get it right all the time in your inspiring ensembles! i'm no longer lost in the middle of numerous jumpers, boots, broaches, leggings, and aa v's, because of it.

p.s. there's also another site similar to mark's called lastnightsparty.com not nearly as dope in my opinion, but he's got the point. if i might add, it's a tad NSFW sometimes and a lot on the vice vulgar side of the scale. oh, and weezy's album comes out tomorrow, GET IT.

Monday, June 2, 2008


so yea, i'm ready for some new hair. granted my hair is pretty dope, but it's time for change and it's killing me. i'm currently fighting the urge to cut this junk so i don't have too many options.

as some of you may know, i want platinum hair. granted that's impossible (plus it will just look god awful), buttttt i want to atleast have the second best option, even if i do end up looking like a ghetto $2 hooker. i mean how often can negras go blonde anyway? so i'm thinking maybe something like this. i just feel pretty bland.

p.s. enon's my new favorite. i should've been asian.