Wednesday, November 21, 2007

MKA !!!!

I've loved Mary-kate and Ashley since their cute little bright eyed days on Full House and even then their style had a huge influence on me. Their new line "The Row" is so innovatively simple that it can pretty much fit in to anyone's wardrobe, whether they're into fashion or still wearing Uggs.

This is a link to some exclusive footage of their new line, peep it !

(I'm new at this blog ish, so if that isn't the right link I apologize in advance. google it !)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

sweet lime.

So last night me and a couple cool (new) kids went on a night on the town to see Mr. Jason Schwartzman. It was a tad of an adventure to get there, having to pick up Nico, being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic leaving us to be a tad late. It wasn't really annoying, just time consuming. Anyway, Jalena saved us seats and we were pretty far away, but that wasn't annoying either because all he did was answer questions and you weren't even allowed to take pictures. I know because some ho yelled at me when I attempted.

After the Q&A he came out into the lobby and kept saying how overwhelmed and humbled he was that so many people showed up. I guess he didn't get the "he's awesome" memo (wocka wocka). Moving on, so after we chatted it up with Jase and took some pretty swell pics if I must say so myself, we went to The Majestic and got some diner shiz. I found out Bailey is a lot cooler than she leads on, she's also an awesome artist (awesome for a lack of a better term).

It was nice chillin with other chumz, it's nice to have new company. Not that I want to move on from who I currently chill with on the regular, I just want to broaden my options. So to end the rant on friends (blah blah), I met some new options.

Oh, and the night ended with Colin and Jalena getting straight owned with a ticket for making an illegal left turn. I love BS.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

family reunion.

I was forced to be dragged(drug?) along to my dad's mother's side of the family's, family reunion. It was as boring and irrelvant as that sentence and probably a big waste of my life.

It's not that I don't care about family. I do. It's just that me sitting around for hours listening to random shouts of "amen!" and watching several performances of my cousins "walk it out" isn't particularly how I want to spend my weekend. Not to mention that my social life has plumeted due to everyone's vacations and me being a workoholic (gotta make dat $$).

On a brighter note, it was pretty impressive to see how moved my senior citizen relatives were. There was some boring video shown of our family tree, and in lightyear speed showed the names, not pictures, names of our family members for alittle over an hour. Yet, my girdle wearing kin-folk were crying. It was pretty nice to see, especially since I was bored out of my mind- atleast someone enjoyed it.

Maybe if I'm forced to go next time we'll make friends and they'll hook me up with some vintage ray-bans. I know one of them sum-bishes has some.