Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

two peas in a pod.

Perfectly Proportional Couples Take One:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

fashionably mean.

I'm ready to get outside.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

cough up--

$625 please.

Seriously Opening Ceremony, if you keep threatening me we're gonna have to scrap.

smile lines.


draw my lips around my lipstick

Monday, May 18, 2009

lottie&doof's kid sister.

On. An. Oatmeal. Kick.

This isn't unusual. Last year it was yogurt and granola. I'd buy the economy size and just go to town. Really any chance and anything to deviate from my beloved icecream. Sometimes it's better to tick the time instead of letting the time do the tickin.

Anyway, I came up with a delicioso recipe (or idea, rather) for a scrumdillyumptious, HEALTHY oatmeal b-fast.

1. Get yer 1/2 cup of oats out in a nice, inviting bowl
2. Proceed to pour in your cup of water or skim milk

Now for the fun part!

3. Dabble in about 1/4 cup of instant chai mix
4. Stir on the stove until solidified, or throw it in the microwave for 2mins

I like to add a little bit of honey or brown sugar to mine. Sprinkle some nuts ontop for some texture.
Do as you please, but do enjoy.

Loungin' in a mustard chair, listenin' to some Booker T records, crunchin' on some chai spiced oatmeal, while sippin' on my mint tea.

Ooo Wee.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

american appy update.

So um, looks like aa's branchin out.


don't slip away.

Sometimes it takes a change in pace to get you back on track. Style is more about what's around you, right? If you really think about it, sometimes you choose the green shoes with the orange slacks because you saw this oddly scenic tree on your way home that was blooming this peculiar shade of orange flower. The finished product usually took more thought than even you thought.

Hey! I just redefined effortless.

Okayokayokay, so
Opening Ceremony NYC helped me to remember that, "Shalala man, I got no monies to just slip away". It's a universal truth. However, let's gawk together at the shoes! Not the biggest fan of Toga, though.

Lately, I have been on this shoe frenzy. I just feel like I could put on a plain t-shirt, a pair of baggy, old, ratty cut offs, and the right pair of gorgeous shoessss and ooo wee! I'm the ishy snizzy. They just create the finished product. I think that's where people go wrong. They don't really know how to finish what it is that they're doing.
And I meant that as general as I wrote it.

Y'know when you look at a piece of art, or actually, let's just say the artist himself. When you take a look at him and begin to admire his work, your eyes tend to not only fixate on what he's done, but also linger towards other aspects. Like how he rocks his hair, what tunes are in his earbuds, the interior of his home, his history, what's his sunday afternoon like, who's his inner circle involve, what does he swear by, does he have a stapled pair of slacks/shoes/glasses/etc. It's not superficial either-- it's just everything that made up the finished product.
I got Lou on the mind man.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

operations of simplicity.

Courtesy of Magnum Photos and Nerd Boyfriend

p.s. I find a lot of wealthy tidbits at Nerd Boyfriend. So for you lads, I'd peep it on the reg.