Sunday, July 15, 2007

family reunion.

I was forced to be dragged(drug?) along to my dad's mother's side of the family's, family reunion. It was as boring and irrelvant as that sentence and probably a big waste of my life.

It's not that I don't care about family. I do. It's just that me sitting around for hours listening to random shouts of "amen!" and watching several performances of my cousins "walk it out" isn't particularly how I want to spend my weekend. Not to mention that my social life has plumeted due to everyone's vacations and me being a workoholic (gotta make dat $$).

On a brighter note, it was pretty impressive to see how moved my senior citizen relatives were. There was some boring video shown of our family tree, and in lightyear speed showed the names, not pictures, names of our family members for alittle over an hour. Yet, my girdle wearing kin-folk were crying. It was pretty nice to see, especially since I was bored out of my mind- atleast someone enjoyed it.

Maybe if I'm forced to go next time we'll make friends and they'll hook me up with some vintage ray-bans. I know one of them sum-bishes has some.

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