Monday, July 7, 2008

i'll make this annual.

+ : bicycle fenders, double picture spectras, that time the sky was yellow, coffee table books (mary-kate and ashley's 'influence' !!!), pam and jim, catch phrases, demetri martin (where is he ??), themed mixes, the whole instant film genre, 8mm cameras, festive for no reason, lists (i.e. to-do, to-make, to-get, idea(s), playlists), lomo, new kicks, christian joy, vintage lingerie (or anything for that matter), this guy, and book nerds (like me).

- : 8am, current employer, suburbia, mars volta's newest, the hills (gag me), economy, ball hot temperatures, the faux hawk, 'that's what she said'-give it a rest? (i need to put it to bed as well), hang nails, shia haters, jon stewart (he's not funny!), irrelevant word users because they are victim of mountebankery, by yourself tuesdays, and cranky carl's.

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