Tuesday, August 12, 2008

pop and lock.

Jeez it's been awhile. My b.

So I'll try and cram everything I've been obsessing over lately in one blog.

So, Daniel Clowes. He's been around for quite awhile and is part of a prolific coterie amongst the authors gone inadvertant screenwriters. Anyway, the dude did the "Ghost World" graphic novel (shh, the nerd in you loves those too) which was made into a movie that some acclaim to be a cult classic starring a young Scarlett Johannsen and the lost talent Thora Birch. Oh, and just when I thought I loved him enough I found out that he's writing the screenplay for Michel and Paul Gondry's (<3) upcoming animated film (anticipatiiiion). Anyway, I just bought my own copy of "Ghost World" since I've kind of lost contact with the person who I used to steal it from and I've really been wanting to read it again. Plus lately I feel like 'I'm less than' when I look at my bookcase. And it's not that I don't read (because, God do I read), but because I usually borrow/let others borrow books and they become lost in translation and I never see them again, so why buy books? But now I miss tangible things like books, cd's, and movies and I'm sick of the internet and I have this urge lately to just buy everything that I can
ultimately get from/thru the internet. It all boils down to me being in this phase where I hate that I'm apart of this bogus generation X crap.
Wow, sorry.
[Segue back to point] That's the good thing about graphic novels. Comics if you will. They don't generally get old to read over and over again. Hell, I still pull out an ol' "Betty and Veronica" every orange and a blue moon (or something).
If you like Daniel you'll probably like Jeffrey Brown, and Craig Thompson(a favorite) too.

Oh and my vulgarity issue. It's prominent lately. Likeeee Charles Bukowski is the man (and I'm not linking that because, well. . . google it and you'll see for yourself, but use discretion!). Ridiculous equals gem to me, and maybe that makes me a bad person. I think maybe it does, but yay "Bring Me Your Love"! I'm already working on my covetousness towards Shia, one thing at a time!

Also, MK&A will be signing their new table art/photog book "Influence" I posted about previously, in Union City, NY on Oct 28th. Road trip please? I'll go alone, but what a shame that would be.

On to the next obsession, F-ing Iris Barrel Apfel. What a legend. Educate yourselves because I, in no way can begin to do her effortless, efforts justice. Just look at her answer to the question of which of her outfits truly reflect her style. Gracious.
Remember ladies, "One can change the entire look of an outfit by substituting one accessory for another. I love objects from different worlds, different eras, combined my way. Never uptight, achieving – hopefully – a kind of throwaway chic." Likewise Iris, likewise. Can I please be her when I'm 80?
Gosh, please do respect your innovatively perfect elders!

Lastly, that Zoe Kravitz. I don't know if I've seen a more beautiful being, but I mean her mom is freaking Lisa Bonet. As if Lenny's genes weren't enough. But anyway, it goes without saying the girl has a definite style of her own coming from those two. Both of which are just phenomenal with the things they garb.
I was at Border's the other day just kind of aimlessly looking around and I picked up the newest issue of Preen and hot damn she was on the cover. I mean, I wasn't 'wow-ed' by her personality, but there is something distinct about her that is so intriguing to me. For example, today I spent about 30 minutes just google imaging her (she's apparently dating Ben Foster, too btw). She's like walking character, and it kind of ruins it when she speaks. Kind of like how I felt when I finally saw what Kimya Dawson looked like. Ehhh.

So that about sums it up, but doesn't really at all because there are like 2 more lists of things I'd like to blog about, but I'll spare you for now.

your eyes will thank me. thank God for ksubi.


Reed said...

graphic novels. awesome.

you mentioned craig thompson... i surprisingly really enjoyed blankets. i'm not usually into the nostalgically saccharine coming-of-age/first-girlfriend kinda story, but the religious element made it pretty interesting.

check out jimmy corrigan by chris ware.

pagina said...

will do. i'm always a fan of suggestions.