Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I did this for the summer, now here's to the fall:

+: junko shimada, laughs that fade into smiles that last for a couple seconds, cunching dead leaves!, my new red boots, brooklyn, greg saunier's seizurish drumming methods, pheromones, watch-movies-all-day-because-it's-a-fall-overcast-day day's, catching glances, all of the innovative fashion pieces inspired by the fall season, burnt orange's, mustard's, and rouge's, hands in pockets, mint tea, that point when nothing is green anymore and you feel like you're on jupiter, tellers of the future like pierre hardy, fisheye, "in due time" lists, nick jonas, horn of plenty at about 6pm, corduroy and fringe, my new bicycle.

-: fall jones', pack rats (there is a significant difference between a pack rat and a collector), "nippy", halitosis, those god awful Uggs that will disappointingly reemerge, pink sweatpants accompanied by Uggs, people who wear Uggs accompanied by pink sweatpants, flip flops, the declination of numerous dignities, nick jonas' age, cackles, fall fashion rules, jarrell should've stayed.

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