Friday, October 3, 2008

flourescent grey.

--Spring is not exactly right around the corner, however it still rains!

Let's face it, it doesn't matter how many paisley patterns and daisy decoupages they print on rain boots they're still pretty, well, butch. Not that they still aren't, but we do have a more feminine solution now. Thanks to Shuella we can wear our "shoe unbrellas" a bit cooler.

Clencher: They can be worn over your shoes/heels!

--Recently I've made a list of things I'm going to accomplish/start by January, and one of them is to start knitting again. It really helped with my patience. It really, really did. I'm in dire need of patience at the moment, it is rather null at the present.

I stumbled across this work of goodness, Why Would You Knit That.

Guess which one's my favorite!

--Remember back in the good 'ol days when you'd beg your Mom for those Lisa Frank band-aids just because they looked cool? Somehow it was cool to rock band-aids back then. Cool to be pigeon toed too. Somehow.

Designer Alexandre Herchcovitch has teamed up with band-aids, and his band-aids are flipping sick.
Can we bring back band-aids as accessories please? I mean we brought back those god awful leg warmers.

Alexandre is pretty enchanting on all fronts so you should check him out. I mean he uses F*** Buttons as his opener.

If you please: Take a look at his Partnerships column. He is quite prolific.

--Style Bubble. Enough said.
She once again reminds me to ask myself, why in the hell am I not asian!?

Oh she also did a pretty nifty interview with UO here.
My favorite part is when she says, "...but you can't reveal everything through a fashion blog because that would just be a little bit daunting."

So true, Susie. So true.

p.s. i got a lot of this jazz from UO's blog. it's surprisingly a lot less stereotypical than i thought.

oh, and --.

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