Monday, March 16, 2009

gasp! a real style blog with pictures.

Okay, I think I'm back on the regular now. But this time don't quote me on it.


I see a lot of height in this Spring's forecast. A lot of texture and a lot of five foot two's suddenly five foot six's. Catch my drift.

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Oversized blazers, high h2o's, and lifts (heels) done perfectly.
These babies are currently on my radar:

Not exactly an "every day heel" per say, but I can make do. So onward and upward, in it's literal sense dudettes! Floral jumpers and these lace up babies all Spring round. I feel like I got lost this fall with all of the repeats from last year (i.e. oversized cardigans, flannels, huge scarves, tights, etc.). Now I'm not knocking any of the repeated pieces, but I'm ready to trickle on up that scale.

I'm no adapter dude.
And in conclusion, here's some inspiration:

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p.s. Remember these:

Well, a cute boy got me a pair of vintage ones in red. Yep. Now I have the perfect Spring boot to wear with my tu-tu dress!


n.icon.ico said...

you have a tutu dress?

pagina said...

yep, you'll see it soon.