Monday, May 18, 2009

lottie&doof's kid sister.

On. An. Oatmeal. Kick.

This isn't unusual. Last year it was yogurt and granola. I'd buy the economy size and just go to town. Really any chance and anything to deviate from my beloved icecream. Sometimes it's better to tick the time instead of letting the time do the tickin.

Anyway, I came up with a delicioso recipe (or idea, rather) for a scrumdillyumptious, HEALTHY oatmeal b-fast.

1. Get yer 1/2 cup of oats out in a nice, inviting bowl
2. Proceed to pour in your cup of water or skim milk

Now for the fun part!

3. Dabble in about 1/4 cup of instant chai mix
4. Stir on the stove until solidified, or throw it in the microwave for 2mins

I like to add a little bit of honey or brown sugar to mine. Sprinkle some nuts ontop for some texture.
Do as you please, but do enjoy.

Loungin' in a mustard chair, listenin' to some Booker T records, crunchin' on some chai spiced oatmeal, while sippin' on my mint tea.

Ooo Wee.


Vincent said...

Yay! Food. :)

One thing that I've found is well worth the bit of extra time it takes:

Irish Oats.

It's oatmeal, but not oatmeal how you probably think of it; oatmeal around here is rolled oats--that is, whole oats that have been dried, cut, cooked, then rolled flat.

If you get Irish or steel-cut oats, you're consuming a higher-quality, less-processed, closer-to-the-earth, more nutritious brand of oatmeal that takes quite a bit more than 5 minutes to cook but is so, so much more flavorful and textural than traditional instant oatmeal.

Try it. I get mine at Trader Joe's, but you can get it at Publix, et al.

My favorite way to have it: half-cup dropped into boiling, salted water (follow directions on package for water/oat ratio and cooking time), brought to a simmer and covered; stir every few minutes, but no need to stay in the kitchen (Generally if I'm making mine, I'm also doing other things like changing or whatever).

When it's reached the consistency you like, cut the flame, toss in a hunk of butter, a whole mess of brown sugar or real maple syrup or molasses, and a splash of buttermilk. (You could use creme fraiche if you're feeling extra fancy and decadent.) Enjoy it with a hot mug of Irish breakfast tea done up how you like it and BAM. That's breakfast.

The buttermilk sounds scary but trust me—the tartness of fermented milk just highlights the sweetness of your sweetener of choice. It's like having...I don't know. The right accessory around your neck that makes your whole outfit look good. YOU know what I'm talkin' about.

pagina said...

Can't wait to try it. As always thanks for the suggestions :)