Monday, June 2, 2008


so yea, i'm ready for some new hair. granted my hair is pretty dope, but it's time for change and it's killing me. i'm currently fighting the urge to cut this junk so i don't have too many options.

as some of you may know, i want platinum hair. granted that's impossible (plus it will just look god awful), buttttt i want to atleast have the second best option, even if i do end up looking like a ghetto $2 hooker. i mean how often can negras go blonde anyway? so i'm thinking maybe something like this. i just feel pretty bland.

p.s. enon's my new favorite. i should've been asian.


Jayme said...

I second all these things you have mentioned. I thought about going platinum but like you it cant be done which makes me feel hopeless. I always have the same problem feeling bland and lame. and Enon is amazing! I totally agree. I hate asians but I will make an exception for them.

bails said...

ohh girrrllll....
i think you could pull it off actually...i like the color in that pic. it might have to be a gradual change tho? you may end up a better color if you work up to it. i'm no colorist tho. I'm considering goin way short and dark brown or going really blonde, can't decide...i need a CHANGE!

pagina said...

ahh shoot. bailey please cut your hair. it will be all cute like audrey tatou, and the darker the better (no pun intended).

and jayme asianz are the coolest !