Tuesday, June 10, 2008

we don't dive, we cannon-ball.

yay ! the athens popfest is right around the corner. i hate that i wasn't aware of the impact that athens had on music when i was younger. according to athenians the music scene there is like a ghost town. i don't necessarily have an opinion on the situation, but i do love athens and i'm just so psyched for the popfest.

ATL's beloved coathangers will be shakin' their bangs at the popfest. cryptacize and their deerhoof roots will be jammin' at the popfest (enough reason to go). the selmanaires will party like it's 1999...on selman street at the popfest. dainty-little-cupcake named bands are even going to play like, 'laminated cat' and 'umbrella tree' (both of which i haven't ever heard of).
so go. the entire lineup is here.

on another atlanta note (drum roll please)........
H&M is finally opening in atlantic station !!! the co-ed (along with kids' clothing) version of the store is finally opening it's doors to it's anticipating atl-iens at 12pm noon, on friday the 13th of this blisteringly hot month. the trig store is giving away up to $500 in gift cards to the first 300 customers. i'll be camping out with a crunk, my two-step, and chumz.

p.s. i realize i'm a little late, but pitchfork announced that deerhoof will be electrifying us with a new album entitled 'offend maggie'. hollllaaaaaa


King James said...

as a member of laminated cat, I'd prefer you not call us "cupcake" (or whatever it said) before actually listening to the product, which is decidedly non-cupcakey.

pagina said...

haha! oh no! i do apologize for calling you a cupcake whatever i said.

i by no means meant to offend.