Tuesday, June 17, 2008

film buzzzz.

woody allen, what a character. he's so cute in that adorable old jewish guy way, and i'm a sucker for those outlandish glasses. you always here of actresses being smitten by him and you have to wonder why. he's not exactly the picture image of sex appeal, nor does he even seem charming. i think it's that new york, jewish wit and those damn stark raving glasses. nonetheless he's one of the world's most favorite directors, and i second that.

anyway, 'annie hall' is amongst his best films and probably most successful taking home atleast 4 oscars, (if i remember right) and one being best picture. the movie is definitely on my favorite's list. not only because it's whimsical and just full of smiles, but mainly because of ANNIE HALL*! her style is just phenomenal throughout the entire film and she paved the way for the masculine goes feminine look for the 70's. it should go without saying that the 70's are my favorite era in fashion regardless, but the 'annie hall' film just captivated so many things that i love: cinema, style, sentiment, subtlety that is actually inadvertently abrupt...
if you haven't seen it yet, you most definitely should.
(*editors note: diane keaton plays annie, and was actually woody's muse and wife at the time. diane keaton is still a huge fashion icon now mainly based on her complete originality, and ofcourse--masculinity. ironic, because her given name is diane hall.)

on another great note, those of you who are fans of the winsome short films of 'paris, je'taime' are in great non-pagan luck !!! they're creating an american version entitled 'new york, i love you'! amongst the many directors, are scarlett johansson and natalie portman, and as if you're not already giddy and squirmy guess whose on the list for actors on this one:
-shia labeouf ('nuff said)
-natalie portman (again)
-christina ricci
-rachel bilson
-anton yelchin
-ethan hawke
-olivia thirlby
those are just the actors i anticipate but the whole crew is listed here.

i just might pull an annie and wear a tie and my favorite pair of dockers.

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bails said...

ok, i've been meaning to see annie hall for a while now (i know, shame on me!). i'm totally down with her sense of style then, and allens oddness. just a comment on diane though...not really her personally, but whoever was responsible for costume designs for the movie "because i said so" (which was stupid btw, don't see it) they totally degraded her style! just about every scene they had her in this one look. i was so bored during the movie that it became comical, anticipating the look. it was a collard button up shirt with a huge belt cinched at the waist, or they decided to "change it up" with making that collard shirt into a shirt dress that was practically a poodle skirt type thing at the bottom, i believe there was a scarf in there too! wow, that's creative!!! i dunno, you'd just think that keaton would say "enough already!" or something...but i do wanna see Annie Hall really bad! and those other ones you mentioned...movie night anyone?

because i don't know how to post pics on here, here's the IMDb link so you can see what I mean.