Tuesday, June 23, 2009


listen to read.

i walked around the block today
waved at the branches lyin in the hay
there's charlie!
"birdie, birdie-birdie, i wish i was with you"

slow walkin to slow walkin.
tripped on a piece of cement
thought about her and then you
and then i was like it's such a beautiful day
and all this walking is kind of a cool way to get around

"wake up sleepy tree!"
nodded to the police officer
told em to 'stay breezy, ya big ol happy bee.'
nah i didn't
i thought about it though

woo, it's stagnant out here
and my salad's gettin moist
passed a cute boy
then a weird boy
then one that i didn't think much of

squished a spider
thought of sevigny
opened the door
went up the stairs
startled an old man
put in my code
found this picture

wrote this jam.

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