Thursday, June 18, 2009


Excerpt from a glasses glasses interview with Chris Taylor.

GG: You also produce much of the music for the band as well as several other side projects. How did you start getting more involved in this aspect of the industry?

"...I like to think about production, in a way, like a really well done movie. All the colors, all the different things in the scene—the hair comb and the perfume, and then the girl’s dress, where her hair is—then like the color balance and all the things in the room have a really strong sort of place. I like to do that as much as possible with production—really grab people’s heads and put it in another spot, you know? –Outside of just a song that rolls by. Maybe it’s more demanding or less approachable, but I try and make it so you can’t really look away."


p.s. If you don't get a chance to read the entire thing (although a delightful read), atleast check out his new record label, Terrible Records. The first two releases are Arthur Russell singles and his solo stuff. Swoon.

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