Wednesday, June 10, 2009

dear diary.

april 6, 1976
dear diary,
i was bein' finicky with claud today. i'm just fed up with flyin' kites and tv dinner nights. so today we got dressed up real sharp and nice to see sinclair wale on his guitar. i couldn't keep from whistlin' his tunes.

as we went out the door, claud realized that not only did he leave his keys in the house, but that we were in fact locked out. i cursed a little, put a hand to my forehead, and told him not to speak. i said, "i just want my picture taken on my 'happy night on the town', claud", so we asked the paper boy.

This is a project I'm working on called "dear diary" (the name is still tentative) and sooner than later I'm going to have audio to go along with it. So I guess this is just me committing to the project by posting that I'm starting one.

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